Our partners have a long reputation for high quality perfumery using the best quality ingredients. We find creative ways to achieve the performance you require at the right price.


We have a strong capability in middle eastern perfumery. Our knowledge of the market and the superior oils used in our middle eastern perfumes means that our perfumes will outperform most other middle eastern fragrances. We are specialists in middle east fragrance for bakhour as well as non alcoholic concentrated oils and spray alcohol perfumes.


Our range of fragrances for beauty and cosmetic products will give the performance and quality you desire. We are well versed in the needs of the beauty market and have a wide range of fragrances to meet varying needs.

Home Care

We have a wide range of fragrances developed for home fragrances as well as reed diffusers and candles.

Household & Industrial

Household and industrial fragrances require outstanding performance and competitive prices. We can offer a wide range of fragrance as well as technology such as encapsulation to provide long lasting, high performing fragrances.